Review of HIT Heroes of Incredible Tales

Nexon Company has launched Heroes of Incredible Tales aka HIT as a rpg with real time battles on the ios and android stores

heroes of incredible tales walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will have to follow a tutorial character which will introduce you how much skills and cool armor they have

During the tutorial, you will learn every level by running through an environment and destroying everything in your way

You can do this with a virtual joystick and a series of on screen buttons in the lower right of the screen where you can use that button to attack, block, dodge, and use abilities.

Along the game, after choosing a here based on your interest, you will then have to complete any level for a star rating and gems, the premium currency of this game

Collecting those stars will determine how many items you get at the end of the battle
It means that you must rush through levels as fast as you can

On the other side, you can select an auto-play button where your character will automatically run and attack enemies
Besides, your hero can also activate abilities or block attacks from enemies

After making some progresses through the game, you will then unlock a lot of other challenge levels to farm more stars, gems and other items

Meanwhile, when you equip a few sweet new pieces of gear to your hero, you will equip the loot in which it comes with better numbers, where they will get bigger numbers popping off enemies as you activate auto attack button them
You can equip your hero with high numbered gear, weapons and armor with even higher numbers.

Anyway, the game is pretty simple to play with
And, it is not hard especially when you manage your gear
By fighting against enemies, your hero will level up, which will make you get a bunch of items and gems


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