Review of Hero Emblems as Matching Adventure Game

Hero Emblems is a kind of 3 matching adventure game along with the gorgeous puzzler, impressive strategic implications, beautiful visuals, and great RPG mechanics.

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Here, you will take a role as guardians of the princess of a kingdom, in which when your princess runs off searching for a cure for the King, she gets captured by demons.
At this point, you are naturally charged with recovering the princess while searching for a cure for the ailing King.

Anyway, as being a traditional Match-3 with four basic tiles representing each character causing different effects when matched, swords and stars can unleash physical and magic damage
Meanwhile, shields and hearts will refill your defense and health.

As an illustration, matching 4 or 5 of the same icons will come to special icons in that, when they are matched, they will cause special moves corresponding with different skills that be purchased and equipped for each character.
Skills can cause different kinds of elemental damage or DoT vice immediate damage.

Using these skills will be extremely useful as some enemies can be strong or weak when dealing with certain types of attacks as well as elemental damage.

Sometimes, you may encounter missions that throw enemies at you causing lots of debuffs such as fire or poison DoT attacks or skills that can lock down your tiles.

On the other side, as match-3 titles focusing entirely on the match-3 gameplay itself and very little strategy, the game will be be pretty challenging.

And, the game’s world map is pretty beautiful from an artistic standpoint and it gives nice touches such as your party smoothly transitioning into a battle that will make the whole game one smooth transition between travel and battle.

Battles here are also strike a good balance between offering a challenge without being unnecessarily long, in which it allows you to get in a few random encounters with some small amount of spare time.

From all above lines, Hero Emblems works on RPG elements with its well-implemented match-3 gameplay while the game’s visual and aural flourishes differentiate it from the pack.

In addition, this game will not feature without any IAPs and it is simply a great match-3 title that is worth to try.


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