Review of Helix by Michael Brough

Recently, Michael Brough has brought the newest game entitled Helix which is coming with arcade-style game and spaceships, sprite art, and chiptunes.

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Here, you have the ability to shoot tiny pew pew bullets
You will go to adventure of every level of Helix with the player’s ship chilling in the middle of space. Then, enemy ships begin trickling in from the sides of the screen.
To get rid of them, you must draw a circle using their ship.

Anyway, it will not be necessary to bodily wrap around the enemy ships.
And, drawing a circle anywhere on-screen causes halos of light to appear around all rival ships that are on-screen at that particular moment.

Later on, you will have many ships moseying onto the field, one enemy ship will only be starting its halo while another is vanquished. It takes a lot of concentration and dexterity to keep things in order, especially on Terror Mode which is lots of enemy ships and Vortex Mode which is crazy number of enemy ships.

This game uses the same 8-bit palette along with mobile games these days
In conclusion, this game is a unique arcade experience that is hard to put down but it is simple and easy as well.

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