Review of Hay Ewe by Team17 Software

Team17 Software is coming along with Hay Ewe which offers a line-drawing puzzle game
Here, all you will have to do is to control a sheep or the “ewe” as well as collecting a flock of lambs from various farm locations called the hay.

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In line with this, this game is full of charm with a lot of spirit but it lacks of some control issues that you will meet along the game.

In this game, you will have to trace a path that the sheep protagonist follows
On the other words, you will have the main goal that is to collect as many lambs as possible with as efficient a drawn route as possible.

Once making some progresses through the game, you will meet obstacles, foxes, and other barnyard inhabitants force you to think creatively using both their wits and a slew of items.
Later on, these items can be purchased via an in-game computer on a storefront cutely named Amoozon.

You will get some features like Amoozon and Ewetube, along with clever items, varied stage types, and an overall charming aesthetic that make Hay Ewe a delight to play.
This game ramps up at a well-balanced rate, and it unlocks unroll at just the right speed so as not to feel overwhelming.

Although the line-drawing mechanic, this game has also brought to something about its implementation which makes it hard to get the sheep to go exactly where desired.
It comes from Hay Ewe‘s level design, which sometimes isn’t 100% clear about what aspects of the environment are traversable.

On top of that some items, you will be able to interact with seem too small to accurately navigate the characters on this game
For such reasons, you are able to lose points purely out of an imprecise mechanic rather than a lack of ability.


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