Review of Hatchi 2 The Virtual Pet Breeding Game

Portable Pixels presents a virtual pet wrapped in Hatchi 2 that will take you to breed some pets like you breed them in real life

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Here, you will start out and with a gentle nod to Pokemon, where you get to select your egg from one of three including a fire one, an aquatic one, and an earth-based one.
Once choosing it, you can then pick to adopt more over time.
At the beginning of the level, each pet is a colorful blob.
Then, they will get into evolution after a few days turns them into more of a character.

Later on, you will have to encourage those pets to sleep, eat, and play.
Washing is you can do by simply scrubbing with one finger
Meanwhile, sleeping just involves you tapping the relevant button and leaving the pet alone.
Afterwards, you should select food, by dragging it to your pet’s mouth, to boost its hunger bar.

In this game, you will have a choice of 9 mini games, each needs boosting the happiness bar.
Also, you will meet an Arkanoid-style clone, as well as a simple match-3 game and a Doodle Jump-inspired title, but you will encounter less inspiring experiences such as one that simply involves flicking things away from a planet or collecting gold that is falling from the sky.

Anyway, playing this game for a while was more interesting in terms of breeding.
You are able to breed your own pets together but having co-ordinating with friends will be fun.
In line with this, you can rely on Facebook friends to get anywhere.

In addition, as being a virtual pet game, this game has contributed the job and it adds more to the series than its predecessor.
For further, you will be encouraged to sense of achievement in getting new pets through breeding that will keep you playing again and again.


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