Review of Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories

Natsume has now developed Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories as the second attempt at developing a Harvest Moon game series which will dedicate to the ios and android users.

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In this new series of Harvest Moon, you will run inherited a farm, where you will be wandering in the mountains, coming come across an abandoned farm and depressed harvest sprite telling you his home, called the Sprite Tree, that is nearly dead because the nearby townspeople forgot this farm existed.

This game seems to put too much emphasis on graphics, in which the backgrounds looks like default RPG Maker tiles
Here, you will manage your farm, the town, and the mountain.
And, each house in town is made in the same spots such as bed, dining area, small kitchen.
Moreover, you will also see that anyone has the same decorations or furniture and they have the exact same two coffee cups sitting out on their table.

Anyway, playing this game is still fun to play.
Early on the game, you will get to follow the tutorial, then you will do your first duties such as managing a giant field for crops or fishing in the mountains, purchasing recipes for cooking and chopping wood before recovering in the hot spring.

In related to the game title, the memories system gives a helpful list of achievements to focus on.
And, all 150 memories in the game are listed in the menu where you will also be served with a hint to complete them.

On the other side, everything in the game is contextual, where you will not need to swap equipment to complete your daily chores.

During the game, you will also be able to play in talk and farm modes, indicated by a button on the bottom-left of the screen.

Playing in farm mode will get you to tap an untilled plot of land, tap the prepared soil to open up the seed menu
Meanwhile, tapping multiple plots with seeds selected will sow them in a row.

After you have upgraded your tools, you can drag multiple squares of land to water them at the same time
Then, you can also alternate between tapping on a location to have your farmer run there in automatic
Or, you will merely drag your finger as a guide to follow directly, in which it can make it easy to cross large sections of the map or navigate smaller areas easily.

Later on, you will also start building up friendships that you can do with gifts and you can unlock events with them

In line with this, you will also interact with some characters such as the rhyming bard, Gilbert, opens up about the lonely life of a traveling minstrel.
And, you will meet the snippy waitress, Catherine, tries to understand friendship.

In addition, the gameplay of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories focuses on the core components from the classic entries which provide plenty of incentive to keep playing for more.


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