Review of Gunpowder Blow up A Safe for Gold

Gunpowder is a physics based puzzle game developed by Rogue Rocket Games where you will blow up a safe with gunpowder across 125 levels

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The main point in this game is to set up a trail of gunpowder from the spark to the safe, then blow up things along the way.

To do this, placing the trail will be important as you will drag your finger around to place gunpowder.
Also, you will get barrels to drop too, potentially inciting a chain reaction of events.

Initial levels will be incredibly easy and will be tough later
And, the thing you should focus is the chain reactions, where it can enable you to traverse water or other major obstacles at at time.

When unleashing the explosion, things will pop out of the screen, that will be quite impressive and stylish to look at.

Graphically, this game is made in the cartoon style aesthetic.
You can tackle things such as flaming wagons and cannons.

If you want the challenge, you can work towards collecting piggybanks that you can find through each stage, extending the longevity of Gunpowder and giving you a sense of further accomplishment.
Sometimes, this game will come with the in-app purchases for extra chapters to play next.


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