Review of Gunbrick as Puzzle Action and Shooting Game in One Pack

Nitrome has mixed up familiar puzzle-solving with the intrigue of a full-bodied action platformer that is wrapped in Gunbrick.

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In this game, you will have to navigate each level with the titular Gunbrick, a cube with a rocket launcher on one side and a shield on the other.
Then, you can float to solve obstacles as well.

Based on what you need to do in the game, you can change the orientation of the weapons and the brick itself.

You will then be rolling through puzzle-filled levels in order to get the weapon of mass destruction to its rightful owner.

You will also be equipped with your shield that protects you from lasers and flames, but it needs to be in the right place.
You will merely jump when your rocket launcher is pointing down, so get your position ready for everything.

To play this game is pretty simple as you will simply swipe to move your brick, and tap to fire your rockets.
The controls built in this game are smooth and swift to play.

However, there are some difficult puzzles that you have to solve several times over.
Sometimes, it will be pretty frustrating as you deal with having to right yourself and figure out which direction to point.

Then, once you have completed the game, you will not need to get extra content afterward and there is little in the way of sharing with friends, leaderboards, or social media.

On the other side, this game is a fresh, brilliantly put together, strikingly original game which fizzes and crackles with brilliant ideas and clever twists on old mechanics bundled in one pack.

In addition, this game, Gunbrick is a kind of an interesting endeavor with a unique art style and different sort of gimmick.


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