Review of Golfinity by NimbleBit

Few weeks ago, Golfinity developed by Nimblebit was in progress, but now this game has been launched on mobile both for ios and android platform

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NimbleBit itself is the developer behind popular free-to-play mobile titles such as Tiny Tower, and Pocket Planes that you may have installed on your phone.

This game is a kind of an endless golf game, where you are presented with a simplified “drag and release” golfing mechanic spreading across an infinite number of holes.
Anyway, this game seems to become NimbleBit’s take on the endless golfer, which comes along with a few twists to keep it fresh.

At first sight, this game is the smooth, minimalistic, built in 3D rendered style.
And, this game comes with hallmarks of good design, with non-invasive free-to-play models, and it is a quick pick-up-and-play fun as well.

To play this game, all you will have to do is to drag your finger back in the opposite direction of where you want the ball to go
Here, controlling strength and trajectory are really important as courses develop holes, incorporate ramps or loops, and the fixed perspective of the camera makes illusions of depth.

On the other side, you can also retry holes in Golfinity, whereas Desert Golfing forces you to keep playing to make a progress.

This game does not feature premium currencies or limitations to begin with, and you even get fully-featured game with no ads that is 100% free to play.

However, certain holes with particularly deceptive depth tricks can be infuriating
Later on, having the ability to replay them will not help a lot.

In conclusion, this game is completely worth to try out, and it offers a constant and endless stream of its brand of golfing gameplay.
Again, this game is refreshingly simple and straightforward, in which it makes a near perfect on-the-go mobile game.


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