Review of GodFinger 2 as A Resource Management Game

GodFinger 2 from Jiggery Pokery is a resource management game which you can play on the go
As a management game, it needs to keep poking and swiping throughout the game

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Here, you will start with a new god with a tiny planet to look after.
Early on the level, you will need to start with one follower, who will guide you to go through the mechanics of the game.

As initial move, you may have to shoot trees with lightning and make it rain on fields so that you can build a couple of buildings, plant some more fields, and you can leave it on your own devices which will grow your population then keep all of them happy

Graphically, this game serves the world presented in a 2D orb in space.
In line with this, you can swipe to look around it, and pinch to zoom in and out into larger.
Specifically, the cast of characters are a cheery bunch which will be fun to play with

The basic system of this game is that every member of your burgeoning society will contact you via prayers in which they will ask for goods.
And, every time, you grant their requests, you will get worship, coins, and experience points to level up your god.

To increase your supply, you may have to build new factories to produce everything that your minions need
Also, you may need to plant some crops, and build new strips of land hovering above the ground which will make houses for all the new followers you are gaining.

In related to the control options, they work well.
According to this, you will be able to drag and drop followers to set them to tasks
Then, you merely tap to collect the fruit of their labours
Making long press on the screen will allow you to use your spells.

In order to get extra goodies, just visit other worlds
There, you will get plenty of quests and challenges to complete which will make your coffers fill up.

Once playing it for few levels, you will have turned your single-dwelling rock in space into a thriving little community
Because of this, you may need have to find new places to host people and buildings.

Anyway, for those who love playing a new resource management sim, make sure to install this game on your phone
Playing in on the go is great since you will be brought to dip in and out for few hours


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