Review of God Strike 2 by Magic Cube

God Strike 2 produced by magic cube is the genre of a puzzle game where you will be assigned to take a control of an all-powerful god hellbent on striking humans down with your lighting bolts form the sky.

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Anyway, this game delivers a pretty good job of making players feel godlike
Also, the gameplay and certain design choices contributes a slightly less than ideal experience.

Along the game, you will be able to unleash lighting bolts by swiping down on the screen.
Once your bolt has been cast, you will require a recharge time before being allowed to strike on them for the next.

Throughout the game, you will have a duty of collecting different patterns of lightning bolts, so that you can cast down forked bolts or other shapes to strike more places at once.

Meanwhile, the ultimate goal of any given level is to meet a target number of lighting strikes within specified parameters.
Here, in some levels, you will have a limited number of strikes to dispatch a certain number of enemies.

On the other words, you will get unlimited lighting bolts but you can also strike each and every enemy on screen within a time limit in which this will come to a kind of level flexibility of God Strike 2‘s greatest asset.

However, this game presents players with some overly-tricky lightning bolts and a not so great free-to-play structure, as you will simply drag down the game considerably.

In some new lightning bolts, you will be able to strike multiple places of the screen at the same time
Whilst, the others are no different from a straight lightning bolt except for the fact that it is not straight and instead curves in an awkward way.

For such reasons, this will result in a fair number of play sessions and you will get these curved bolts instead of ones that are actually useful.

In addition, this game has some persistent elements such as unlockable gods, boost items, and an alternate survival mode as well.


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