Review of Glass Lighthouse A Wizard`s Tale

Recently, a new and easy paced puzzle game, Glass Lighthouse: A Wizard’s Tale has come to the apple store in which you will help the Wizard make his way to the forest and make a Lighthouse to guide travellers to find their way to push the mist and reveal the secrets

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Anyway, your main job here is to complete increasingly difficult puzzles, collect more gems as you go then use them to unlock the next new chapters in the Wizard’s journey

Graphically, this game is pretty interesting to play, as it comes along with an appealingly minimalist art style.
In the first stage, you will end up getting to the level screen then a further stumble will guide you to let you know of what you need to do next.

At this point, you must slot jigsaw pieces back inside the existing shape.
Early on, it will start out fairly simple but it will get trickier soon you get some progresses through the game.

However, a fundamental issue sometimes arises in that it is often hard to see where you have slotted things in.
At regular points, this game illuminates the shape but then the lines vanish all too soon, which leave you to try to memorize where things were located before.

Also, you may find there is plenty of content here as you will be assigned to complete the 60 levels
And, you can unlock Blitz and Limited modes as well.
On the other side, this game has given a look in simplistically charming, though.

In addition, this game, Glass Lighthouse: A Wizard’s Tale has brought a game that is meant to be somewhat relaxing to play with.


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