Review of Ghost Blade by Tsai Chien Yi

In this stylish action, you will play as a warrior named Black who is fighting zombies and other supernatural creatures that have attacked a village for extremely unclear reasons.

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In this game, you will have a sword to kill monsters with it.
Alongside, you will have a friend named White who likes to show up for battle in less-than-protective clothing, but she is not around most of the time.

Along the game, you will go through a variety of locations, including temples, villages, and castles, stopping frequently to clear out groups of enemies that attack you.

Anyway, this game seems to adapt certain specific attacks, gestures, and overall style of stage progression from Ninja Gaiden, in that the combat system is actually more like Devil May Cry’s in that the best defense is a strong offense.

Black here cannot block, but he can dodge like a champ
So, you have to time it right to turn an enemy’s attack around on them quite viciously.
You will also have Ryu Hayabusa’s Flying Swallow, shuriken, and magic spells, Dante’s Stinger and launcher attacks, and even a few tricks from Kratos’s repertoire.
On the other words, he can be a fighting machine.

At the beginning of the game, you will go to most of its first stage slowly teaching you the ropes, giving you moves one at a time and allowing you to practice them.

Later on, all of your main moves have been unlocked and the game starts throwing more interesting and deadly combinations of enemies at you.
Here, you will split your attention and try to manage the whole battlefield, something that only occasionally becomes a problem when certain enemy types venture off-camera.

Also, you will have regular melee attackers in your face, while flying eyeballs lob shots at you from a distance and witches cast powerful magic on the ground below you.
You will be able to parry a melee attacker, launch a few into the air in the ensuring combo, give them a few slashes while they are up there, toss a few shuriken or shoot an arrow or two at the flying eyeball to put it down, then you have to roll as you hit the ground in order to avoid the lightning strike from the witch. It might also be something entirely different.

Playing this game will give you a ton of great tools to use in battle, so how you approach each situation is going to depend heavily on your own personal style.

On the other side, the intuitive controls are the key to all of this working as well as it does.
You swipe horizontally across an enemy launches a basic attack, with a variety of attacks possible based on how many enemies are there and where they are in relation to your character.

Swiping up will make you jump, and if can start a combo on an enemy to launch them as you ascend.
Once jumping on the air, you can swipe horizontally across an enemy to attack them in the air, while swiping in empty space to do a downward attack like Ninja Gaiden’s Flying Swallow, or swiping downward to crash to the ground with an area attack.

On the ground, you can also swipe downward to the left, right, front, or back or your character to dodge in that direction, and if you time this properly with the enemy’s attack, you can parry and launch a huge counterattack.
You will be equipped with magic and an ultra attack, with magic performed by touching an icon and drawing a symbol, and the ultra attack done by swiping down on the same icon.
This game will also allow you to move your character using a virtual stick.
Plus, you can also use your ranged attack by simply tapping on the target.

In addition, the graphics in this game are made with the finest touch and the framerate is smooth on my iPhone 5S even when the screen is littered with enemies.
Cutscenes are done in a comic book style that looks fantastic, and the music and most of the sound effects are made in good style.


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