Review of Gentlemen Ricochet Mini as A Retro Style Game

Bitse Games is coming back with Gentlemen Ricochet Mini which is the sequel of Gentlemen Ricochet that was launched few month ago on mobile platforms, ios and android

gentlemen ricochet mini walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of the modern trappings of the original physics puzzler, coming along with four color grayscale and chunky pixels that is 144p.

This game will allow you to move the ball around on the target, then pull it back, and tap on a magnet pad to activate it.
On the other words, you can perform all action with one tap only.

In related to control option, the ability to tap anywhere to attach to a magnet pad works so much better than having to actually tap on the pad while passing.
The arrow indicator will guide you where the ball is going, and it always goes at full power.

On the other side, this game serves a true to the essence of its concept where you will be able to enjoy the music that winds up being chiptune versions of the motif from the original game.
Alongside, this game also excels at variety in its one-button concept.

However, you will sometimes encounter a number of hazards such as new bumpers that pop up, to warping walls, and even walls that trigger on and off when the screen is tapped.
Later on, you will also deal with the boss levels with new challenges, and they will come up every 12th level to throw a wrench in the proceedings.
When dealing with them, all you will have to do is to use some real skill to get three stars on.
You can also use the tap-and-hold to restart a level.

For further, you can solve some of the levels through hoping the random ricochets that will get you to where you need to go, and quite possibly with the stars you need.

Anyway, this game only works in portrait mode, but you can play this game in landscape mode.
And, for those who really like a game with the retro style, you will have to try this one.


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