Review of Gang Nations Lets You Complete Mission for Cash

Playdemic has made and delivered its newest debut, Gang Nations that is in a stunning blend of tower defense and combat strategy in a unique urban environment.

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On the other words, this game is a fantastic mix of exciting single-player missions and ferocious multiplayer battles, where you can combine city building with fierce combat.

Anyway, this game incorporates tower defense style elements in terms of building up your defenses.
Along the game, you will be able to recruit a gang of Hoodlums, Thieves, Convicts then fight for territory and build your your business there.

Here, you are able to redirect where enemies go, channeling them down areas that you have set up as particularly strong, through barricades and sniper towers.
This can be a small touch but it adds some level of strategy to proceedings.

Later on, you will have to build a significant urban city and keep it safe from attack.
To expand your territory, you can use a mixture of cash and juice to purchase stuff and upgrade places, and storage areas that need to be upgraded as frequently as everything else so that you have any chance of progressing for later stages.

In related to the game modes, you can play in both AI and real players, in which you are not restricted to training troops beforehand then sending them out, and decide during battle what troops you want to unleash on your enemies.

Meanwhile, this game seems to have much to do with attrition, just like all these other base building games.
Then, you will be chipping away at enemies while waiting for many timers to finish up so that you can step further in your battle for world domination.

In addition, this game offers enough to keep playing it for a bit longer, and this game will serve you a nice graphics that you can look around in each mission.


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