Review of Game of Thrones A Telltale Series

After having been through in a progress few day ago, Game of Thrones A Telltale Games Series has now come out to mobile platforms, ios and android

game of thrones a telltale game series walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game is the new sequel of Telltale Games franchises, in which this is a kind of adventure game where the detailed story in a game largely plays out like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

In this game, you will simply take a control of various members of House Forrester which is a little-known clan that is only mentioned once in the books
Those members try to make the right decisions to ensure the safety and continuation of the house.

In this story, you will get involved in politically-charged conversations, but you will often meet a few action sequences where dangers to the house are much more apparent.

And, it seems this game uses uses a pretty intuitive set of prompts to control all of the possible actions so that you generally know what you are supposed to be doing in a variety of contexts.

Even if you make a mistake by making a wrong choice, you will not get punishment by giving you a Game Over so much as it autosaves for you to have to live with the actions that you chose for your characters in this game.

In related to this style of play, this game can feel a bit overwhelming at times since it places a time limit on most decisions.

On the other side, this game comes with episodic, that has made it feel a tad on the short side but the amount of stuff that happens in that span of time ensures that it is time well spent.
In line with this, the episode also ends on a very surprising cliffhanger where you will always want to know the next chapter goes.

In addition, Game of Thrones game is more of the same output from Telltale as this captures the political intrigue along the game.


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