Review of Game of Dragons

The developer, G5 Entertainment has just served its new game called Game of Dragons to mobile platforms mainly for ios and android one

game of dragons walkthrough ios android

This game seems to tell you a story about a young woman who ends up in a parallel world full of dragons and mystery.

Anyway, as you may guess that this game will be full of hidden objects to discover
Here, you will be served with a familiar mixture of hidden object scenes and simple puzzle solving.

This game also comes with more puzzles involving combining items.
At the beginning of the game, you will get to burn some wasps to get to an awkwardly placed object which also sets the scene in the game.

On the other side, you will see fairly typical hidden object scenes, with you picking out objects from a list.

This game will feature mini-game style puzzles that you may skip them
These puzzle system will get you to focus on logic and problem solving for a reward.
To solve them, you will also be challenged to get a plentiful supply of hints in each area

As a puzzle game, Game of Dragons is still a fairly entertaining title to play on the go.
So, if you like playing a simple puzzle game, you may have to install it and feel the gameplay experience on your phone


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