Review of Galactic Battlefront

Galactic Battlefront made by Joseph Lee will take you to join the Galactic Federations to battle with the Rebel Alliance Forces then go to make an advanced technology in ships, weaponry, and defense that you can play on the ios devices.

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In this game, you will simply control your fleet of ships to go battle with the rebel alliance.
And, you will not actually have to control the ships themselves.

Besides, you will merely commit yourself to go for various types of weaponry before casting them at the enemy standing in your path

When performing your action, you will be able to pull them back for a time or deploy extra ships
Later on, you will have the main interaction outside of battle while finding yourself using the money you have got from a fight to be used to unlock new bits and pieces.

Seemingly, this game will have a great job of holding your interest through the gradually unlocking of new content.

Plus, you will be able to get some bonuses such as double experience which you can use to increase your progress in the game.

You will then go through completing side bounty missions, and get an upgrade to tackle the next story battle in the game.

However, playing this game can be repetitive and some buttons seems not to go as responsive as you expect

Playing this game will rely on your decisions to make in each stage
Thus, if you are a fan of a game with great story to follow, you may try this game on your phone


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