Review of Furdemption as A Puzzle Twitch Platformer Game

Few days ago, Furdemption as a puzzle-platformer game was still in the progress of the final touch
But right now, this game developed by RareSloth has been available on the apple store

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In this game, you will guide a rabbit wearing a crown that is in search of feathers to get the exit from where he is.

Along the game, you will merely select levels then swipe to move the rabbit around while collecting coins and reaching the feather.
When reaching the feather, if the rabbit does a little celebratory flip the level ends.
In line with this, just swipe to spot where the feather is

But, you must also stay alert of the obstacles such as buzzsaws, lava, bombs, reapers, and other ones that usually stand between the rabbit and the feather.

On the other side, this game strikes a really good balance of cerebral puzzle-solving and twitch platforming.
As a puzzle platformer game, each stage is just challenging enough to make it satisfying without requiring tons and tons of retries to beat it.

In other words, if you will be dying a lot in a particular stage, you can use a skip level option that will really help you make a progress through the 80 initial stages without getting hung up on any specific designs.

However, this game is lack of a retry button.
When you get stuck in a level, you will an option to restart the level through killing the bunny by running into a buzzsaw, jumping into lava, etc.

In related to the control options, this game`s swipe controls do not seem as precise as something like a virtual d-pad.

Entirely, this game, Furdemption still gives a great entertainment and it is mainly a really well made puzzle-platformer on mobile platforms.


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