Review of Four Letters Makes Words for High Score

Prodigy Design has a simple and brilliant concept of the endless word puzzle game packed in Four Letters
Inn this game, you will simply combine some letters into words that will gain you score as high as possible if you can make some words in a given time

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Along the game, you will also be served with multiple answers to questions where you will also consider to make thousands of possible letter combinations
Once making a lot of words combination, you will gain score that you can compare with the others in leaderboards

To play this game is pretty simple as you will merely create words from four letter tiles.
You will simply create one word before the game moves you onto a different set of tiles within the time limit.
Here, you will have to create a word quickly and things will get trickier if you play for longer.
In early levels, creating four letter words will be easy but it will soon be more challenging after you have played in advanced levels.

Anyway, this game will require you to make such relatively simple words that is so compelling.
On the other side, this game does not over complicate the formula.
And, it provides you an indication of how much time is remaining
Also, it is based on how many different words can be created
But, its interface is clearly laid out and easy to understand otherwise.

You will also be noticed in a statistics section where it is offering various pieces of information such as how many words you have made and how quick you are typically.

In line with this, Four Letters is certainly a speedy game, and it is comfortable to play for a few seconds as it is for much longer.
Sometimes, making some words will come to more addictive where you want to continue playing in advanced levels.


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