Review of Fort Raiders SMAAASH as Strategy Game

Acquire Corp, game developer has continued to make its newest debut that is packed in Fort Raiders Smaaash into ios device and android soon

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Anyway, this game is like a Clash of Clans-style light strategy game where you have to build a little base and collect resources, freemium or otherwise, to make it as strong as possible.
Instead of building a base across a field, you will be assigned to build a massive tower outwards and upwards.

At this point, you can then build defenses such as archery towers to prevent other players attacking your base.

For further, you will have to surround your base with defenses, and protect yourself by turning the base itself into a winding deadly trap.
At this phase, you can place bridges and stairways at the right location to bait invaders into kill boxes.

When doing some raiding of your own, you can try to send your units in from the right spots to smash the foundations and bring the enemy’s fort crumbling down.

Throughout the game, all you think is about your strategies to build your fort with defense and attack enemies fort for resources.

To make a good defense, you have to train armies and take down rival forts in a straightforward real-time strategy campaign.
Moreover, you can also summon various heroes to offer a limited offensive boost.

On the other side, the gameplay makes its one standout twist even more prominent.
Also, Fort Raiders chooses for a much flatter perspective.

As it comes along with fresh genre in strategy game, this game is worth to try to play
And you will experience to build your fort with all defenses inside.


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