Review of Flyhunter Origins by Ripstone

Flyhunter Origins will allow you to play as Zak, an alien janitor aboard a flyhunting spaceship working on board the Flyhunter Crew’s legendary spaceship and going for an adventure of his own.

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The story begins when Zak accidentally jettisons the ship’s crew and its cargo into space.
Then they promptly fall back to Earth where Zak has to round up the crew and the bugs or else he risks making his powerful boss unhappy.
The characters in this game are designed likewise fluid and charming.

Along the game, you will see Zak runs and jumps through some very colorful and creative environments. He will then deal with rivals including frogs, Venus fly traps, pits, water, and hostile bugs that can mostly be disposed with blaster weapons.

In related to the graphics, you will see the action shifts from 2D to 3D as Zak flies through the air and hunts down livelier cargo bugs.
Having these are pretty fun, and generally control a bit easier than the usual platforming segments.

Anyway, the touchscreen controls are good, but they are not perfect as it does not give features such intense platforming.
Still with the controls, when sliding a thumb forward makes Zak creep and sliding quickly makes him sprint.

In addition, Flyhunter Origins is good in graphics and parts of its presentation shine as examples of what mobile games need.


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