Review of Flockers Where You Have to Rescue Sheep

Team17 Software as the developer of Worms game has just launched its newest game, Flockers to ios and
android, in which this game is splattered full of dark humour.

flockers walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be assigned to rescue the Sheep by guiding them to safety through crushers, giant buzz-saws, deep pits full of spikes and giant swinging meat cleavers.
You must assist them to escape their diabolical masters, or you can leave them to the Worms’ diabolical traps and watch their insides explode all over the place.

During in your assistant, you will really need various tools, such as forming barriers or staircases, as well as utilizing a jump skill and even zooming up walls.
You will also have other skills, such as creating a walking bomb to clear paths
And, your main abilities are to revolve around jumping and building.

Sometimes, you will have to control two flocks of sheep at once, which is where Flockers falters.
Anyway, the controls are somewhat awkward, while the puzzles themselves will be quite picky and they require a high degree of accuracy.

On the other side, you can possibly pause the action mid-level.
To make a quick progress in this game, you can also unlock hints as well as skip levels, for a price that you can do in-app purchase.

You will be entertained through a plethora of hidden levels to mix things up, and this is usually where the stronger puzzles are located.

Also, there is a slight over-reliance on timing over strategy though.
In addition, this game is not as tightly designed as Lemmings, but it is still fun to play with.


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