Review of Flewn as An Interactive Story Game

In a glance, if you see Flewn, it is not a kind of game where it includes more of an experience than you can play with specific thing or characters in the game

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This game will tell you a story through simple text and some beautiful visuals.
In line with this story, it will tell the tale of a whale traveling across the desert.

In this game, that creature is in search of an ocean to return
Along the game. you will follow the progress, where you can also see increasingly delightful and all a little outlandish of the artwork

To play this game, you may sometimes need to rotate your iPhone to read the text on the screen
On the other side, the story of Flewn feels like a taster to something more impressive
In other words, it can be said as a storybook for younger players since it contains the amount of text

This is fairly simple, since it is great to take in the scenery and you will meet new creatures such as a camel along the way.

Also, this game, Flewn features one extra besides the story mode.
In this mode, you will have friend, a frog where you will follow the tale from Frog’s perspective and provides slightly more interactive moments.

Here, you will fly around in an unicycopter, and you will run along the ground or fly into the air.
To do this, all you will do is to hold your finger down to fly
In the mean time, you will also fly into bugs to eat them up which will give you enough energy to continue flying.

Anyway, you may follow the whale’s tale along the game which may be frustratingly for a while
But, it is really quite beautiful to follow the story and play with new characters which will be something a little more unusual and creative than many other more mainstream games out there.


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