Review of Flatiron Comes with Acrobatic Aircraft

Flatiron is made by David Donze which tries to provide a briefly entertaining shooter at the height of the Great War, where you can command a small aging gunboat on a special mission.

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On the other words, this game is an easy to play, as this is wrapped in with frantic action, 3D graphics, full Game Center support, and some old-timey style.
Throughout the game, all you will do is simply to swipe on the boat to fire its gun in any direction.
Also, you will go through swarms of Imperial aircraft and clear the water of deadly mines and icebergs.

In line with this, make sure to shoot down acrobatic enemy aircraft before attacking your ship, as well as blowing up floating obstacles before your ship crashes into them
Here, you will also be able to access powerup crates dropped by downed planes.
Having powerful gun upgrades will wreak havoc on the field of battle
However, always stay alert of bombers, icebergs, and mines that will damage your deck gun and destroy your upgrades.

Anyway, this game certainly looks quite stylish in which you will initially draw you in to find out what else is there.
While your ship automatically moves along, you can direct where or what you fire at.
According to this, tapping will get you to control fire and swiping on the boat will direct your guns.

Once making progress, the waves of aircraft will come flying at you, but the peril of icebergs and mines keen are able to damage your ship.
In this situation, you will be able to withstand a fair bit of damage, then you can benefit from a gun upgrade or health boost that can really makes a difference.

On the other side, a lack of checkpointing feels a bit soulless and meandering at times.
In addition, this game seems to be a little too old fashioned to be particularly worth to try.


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