Review of FitFlap Motion as A Fitness Game

FitFlap Motion from BreakFirst can be said as a fitness simulation game where it uses innovative tech and built-in camera that will send a responsive motion gaming experience into iOS devices

fitflap motion walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will move actively to gain the weight loss of your in-game characters, where you will feel to burn a few calories to get slim by playing this game.

To play this game, you will physically flap your arms to flutter your way, where this game is built in a proprietary motion tracking technology that follows your physical movements through the device’s front facing camera.

Moreover, you can also get a comfortable gameplay experience by connecting your device to a Chromecast enabled TV then you can play this game on a bigger screen

Anyway, this game will be more of an endless runner game with a choice of touch screen controls or motion controls to play with.

During the game, you will deal with a small creature negotiate various obstacles such as blockades or spike by either tapping or flapping them for coins.
Those coins are useful to purchase continues if you feel like it.

When playing with motion controls, you will flap at just the right speed in order to not go too high and not go too low when guiding your character on the screen.

Well, if you are curios to play the game on TV, you may need to install FitFlap Motion on your phone first


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