Review of FireWhip A Spin to Get High Score

FireWhip from Dan FitzGerald is a challenging and rewarding arcade game that will get you to drag around yourself to spin

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But, do not spin too much as it will burn out parts of your whip
In the mean time, if you are at full length, you are able to swipe and release to crack your whip
Thus, if you can master the whip crack you can survive in each stage

In this game, you will use your finger to rotate a whip around the screen to fend of waves some enemies.
If you do a sudden stop with a fully extended whip you can crack and send flames across the screen
And, if you spin the whip too fast for too long you can make parts of it to burn out.

Along the game, you will deal with some enemies including cowards that run away from the flames, fearless tanks that charge ahead, and fast-moving warp units that can beam across the screen.
At this point, you must learn and know how to deal with each enemy quickly to rack up a high score.

To play this game for having a good score, it is based on on your swirling around the screen to direct the whip
Anyway, it will not always be easy to see what will happen and it can be tricky to swirl just right for the length of whip needed.

Graphically, this game is built-in GIF creator that allows you to share out your last moments before death in each stage.

Throughout the game, you will also get to find and discover a few hidden secrets that can be unlocked by tapping the corners of the main menu.
In addition, this game, FireWhip is still give you a pleasure when you are playing it on you phone


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