Review of Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy franchise can be said as the most iconic RPGs all the time which has been popular to be played on the consoles and on the mobile platforms, ios and android

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At this time, Final Fantasy has been launched on the apple store and this game is the PC version but it has been given a touch screen interface for mobile system.

You will be served with clean textures when it is compared to the Playstation original
This game is all about a band of ecoterrorists trying to shut down a bunch of power plants draining the life force out of the planet.
You will also be tasked with the main objective that is to save the world

When playing this game on mobile, you can permanently max out your characters’ stats in the Config menu.
A small button at the bottom of the screen allows you to turn random encounters off entirely.
You can also turn it back on whenever you want.
You can also go into the Config menu to adjust the opacity as you like

This game also supports iCloud that will make you save your progress when you jump back and forth from an iPad to an iPhone
But, you must upload your saves manually
Graphically, this game has come along with smooth graphics


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