Review of Fighting Fantasy Caverns of the Snow Witch by Tin Man Games

From the title, this new game from tin man games is a kind of a spooky affair for the wimpy child in which it revolves around the tale of an evil snow witch out to bring about a new ice age.

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In this game, you will start out choosing from a few different difficulty modes, from much harder to a cheat mode that keeps your finger in the book so you can backtrack with ease.
Afterwards, you can then roll a few virtual dice to figure out how strong, skillful, and lucky you are.
Later on, you will go to the adventure and you make start playing pivotal roles in what happens next.

Here, some twists and turns will be able to keep you hooked as well.
Anyway, this game is not an easy game to master, in which it is coming along with plenty of pitfalls in your way.
However, this game is enjoyable though, with slightly more of a focus on uncovering new areas to explore than merely fighting it out.
And, you will particularly enjoy the extra hard mode, in which it is proving much more of a challenge than even the original book.

On the other side, you will be allowed to switch the visuals to a 1980s style gamebook appearance, which is away from the more stylish modern looks that the developer offers.

In addition, playing this game is nostalgic yet as it offers some nice features like fast dice.
These features will be a great combination that easily continues Tin Man Games’s reign as a nice developer of classic adventure game books.


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