Review of Fiete A Day on A Farm by Wolfgang Schmitz

Fiete A Day on a Farm is series of intuitive interactive game featuring star Fiete the Sailor as he does some tasks within these simple and stylized mini-games.

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Here, you will play as Fiete who visits his friends Hinnerk and Hein at their farm where they will work like tending to animals and vegetables as well as other tasks.

This game is superb, with a beautiful use of color and ambient sounds with mini games that can be seen as one scrolls across the landscape that is captured across time, including a sequence of pre-dawn, morning time, noon, and evening, as well as a lovely moment at the end of the work.

Here, you will see how the orange light of the sun rises across the page as children engage in early day activities.
You will see the sun high in the sky, including the white, bright light of a sunny day that then ends with a colorful display involving the pink sky of the sunset and the dark sky at night that really captures that transition of time
Also, you will see a complete with animal sounds that quiet down to crickets and other nighttime noises in a way

In the life of Fiete and friends, you will wake them up from your slumber complete with the detail of a broken alarm clock, to working with different animals such as collecting eggs, milking cows, and cleaning pigs.
Here, you will take part in other activities such as pulling up carrots and picking apples.
You will also be offered as the arms, legs, or the back of the head of the other person within the scene can be seen as one gets to work.

Yo will see matching elements as one delivers what the farm has to offer such as eggs, milk, carrots, or wool to merchants by matching truck to commodity in a slightly tricky area full of visual beauty as the sun can be seen setting
It is also complete with the rich, warm colors as well.

In this game, there are no stickers or badges to collect nor any clapping or other jarring noises at the completion of these activities to take children out of the mood that this application has created.

Bells and whistles here are simply not needed when the mini-games themselves are of a quality that will engage your time.
Later on, you will be brought to enjoy these scenes of humor, such as the happenings of messy pigs – moments that will encourage you to continue on making this app such a relaxing delight to explore.

In addition, this game is a perfectly realized look at farm activities from dawn to night for toddlers, preschool-aged children, and beyond.
Moreover, it is also added with the ambient nature sounds included, along with the color choices, and the camera placement all create an interactive work of art.


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