Review of Fatal Fight

If you like playing a fighting game or any game in similar, you may have to try playing Fatal Fight on your phones, ios and android ones

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This game can be said as a free to play traditional beat em up game concentrating on combos.
Inside the game, it has been packed with the style and aesthetic in all reminiscent of martial arts.
Here, your character will remain relatively stationary while enemies approach from either side.

You will get involved in the battle, where you must wait until your enemies are in range before tapping that side of the screen.
It is caused by, attacking out of range will come to result in a miss, a broken score multiplier, and an open opportunity for enemies to attack.

In this game, you will also be scored and awarded shurikens at the end of stages if you can beat all your enemies in a given level without taking too many hits
You can then use these shurikens to unlock new areas with new levels.

During in the battle, you will see a bunch of more enemies coming into each stage then some different kinds of enemies will appear each with their own method of takedown.

If you see blue enemies, they will always dodge the first attack that would hit them
And, they can also slip over to the other side of the player character.
So, you must be careful when going to deal with them

This game also comes along with the challenge and variety, where you will see the visual design in attractive, smart, and intuitive which will enhances your experience of gaming.

You will also see your character’s attack range and the attack patterns of each enemy on the screen
For such reasons, you can always know whether your enemies are close enough and how to beat them quickly.

Unfortunately, you must pay for $0.99 to get rid of ads popping up on the screen
Beyond that, this game is a kind of a pretty frenetic game that will challenge you to hack and slash enemies in various ways.
Moreover, it has a good amount of variety, and uses a super smart visual design.


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