Review of Fast Fishing Lets You Play in Zen Mode for More Gizmos

Strange Flavour has presented Fast Fishing in a fast-paced game, where you will have an activity of going through 22 stunning levels by catching fish as quick as possible within the time period

fast fishing walkthrough ios android

In the way of getting big fishes, you should seek out a specific fish and also collect a particular amount of them.

Here, time is always of the essence, and that timer does run down quickly.
To play this game, you will simply cast your iOS device by flicking it, then when you get a bite you will start reeling it in by spinning the reel at speed.

After going through one stage to another, you will be able to unlock new Gizmos, Rods and Reels
With all of those equipments you have just unlocked, you can have a fishing activity in the 6 different areas, with multiple fishing spots in each area.

When exploring in some areas, you can go through from the tranquil Shiny Pond to the dramatic Doom Deeps, in that every area will offer you many different types of fish as well as some older and wiser named fish that will be sometimes hard to catch.

If you want to calm fishing, you can try to play in a Zen Mode
Playing in the Zen Mode will allow you to have a fishing activity in a spot which you have unlocked for as long as you want in a session.

On the other side, playing this game will get you to dip and achieve a reasonable amount in a short space of time.
Also, this game features in-app purchases for having extra space in their tackle box for more gizmos, rods and reels.
You can also have chocolate crowns, which can be used to access the Zen Mode areas and it can attract bigger fish for some unknown reason.

In addition, playing in Fast Fishing is all about speed and quick gains.
You will be satisfied when you reel in a particularly impressive specimen or work fast enough to catch plenty of fish before the timer runs out.
Anyway, this game is still a fun game to play on your phone device.


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