Review of Farm Heroes Super Saga

King seems to be a king of matching three game, such as the popular matching game Candy Crush, where this company has just launched their newest product in similar genre called Farm Heroes Super Saga on the ios and android stores

farm heroes super saga walkthrough ios android

This new matching three game offers few new extras format and new mechanic
Graphically, this game has a nice graphics which is the same as the predecessor

Usually, you will simply drag a crop across to the crop next to it
You will then clear the board by matching some crops in similar

If you can create a brief gap, you will get everything moved in the direction of the wind.
Doing this will make every step you are taking highly productive

Sometimes, you may match 3 crops in whatever direction you intend to
And, you may consider to switch from left or right to make a big difference

In related to the new format, you can play it on auto-pilot, where you will be able to make some matches without seeing on the board

On the other side, if you can match four crops together, you will make a mega crop
It means that you will get more points in one crop you have made on the board
In the mean time, you will also need an additional move to line things up to get three starring each stage

Later on, you will deal with boss in the battles, where you try to fend off Rancid the Raccoon at regular points.
At this point, you will have to match crops next to throwing cans to disrupt the board.

Meanwhile, this new design choices has made this game quite compelling and enjoyable.
Early on the premier launching, this game features 100 levels
So, if you feel challenged to get more experience to play in the next matching three game generation, this game, Farm Heroes Super Saga is worth to play on the go


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