Review of Exit Strategy Lets You Make A Path to Golden Star

Chillingo with Exit Strategy game will get you to use the power of portals to make your own path out of 100 increasingly challenging mazes then go through to the gold exit star.

exit strategy walkthrough ios android

Early on each level, you will simply swipe to open portals and create a path to collect hundreds of stars then grab them all and make a swift escape

Your main goal here is to try to grab all the stars along the way to get the best rating
In the mean time, you will have to avoid deadly lasers, while moving levels and other obstacles
To get rid of any obstacles, you can use power-ups to slow down movement or attract nearby stars

On the other words, this game involves you creating a path through mazes by opening portals on the side of many walls.

Here, a swipe once makes a blue portal while a second swipe creates a red shaped exit.
Later on, things will get trickier as the speed of Exit Strategy and the many obstacles will always tease your brain to solve them.

In related to the speed, you must react very quickly to keep up with what is unfolding.
If you mess up, the level will be reset that will direct you to the beginning again.

In line with this, you will also be allowed to gain some extra time through a time slowing power-up, but these cost money after an initial free bundle.
These things are some very intrusive adverts too, interrupting your play after each level.
Anyway, playing this game is really fun and it will prove quite satisfying in the long run.


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