Review of Exiles Far Colony by Crescent Moon Games

Exiles: Far Colony has arrived to mobile platforms with good looking along with detailed and rich smooth visuals in graphics animation.

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Especially for this game, Crescent Moon Games has tried to apply another dazzling display of touchscreen polygons and pixels, combined with a 3D fireworks show.

As you can see in the trailer of this game, this game boasts a decent RPG sci-fi storyline that also gives entertaining purpose to the third-person shooter action.

In related to the control options in this game, the controls seem to be busy, with a floating d-pad on the left taking care of movement and a variety of other buttons, such as firing, jump and a special button.

Moreover, some of the buttons seem to be another unmarked, while floating analog control will get you to move the camera.
In line with this, it can tie your fingers in knots when the action heats up
However, there is a limit to what Crescent Moon could have done to make this happen.

On the other side, this latter option may vary, that is based on the character type you have chosen at the beginning, along with the three options with different abilities for each of them.

It works, with a small amount of practice, and although a lot of shots will go wide when the fighting hits its peak, the game remains just within your control and, mostly, avoids frustration.

In conclusion, this game a triumph of both design and value, with many aspects making a complete game all in their own right.
Also, the developer has reminded you that there is a place for premium gaming on the smartphone platform.


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