Review of EveryTown as A City Builder Game

Flero Games has launched EveryTown as a new and unique city builder that you can play mainly on the iOS and android devices in which this game offers a familiar gaming experience and relatively entertaining on the go.

everytown walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will start creating your town, personalized with name, male female, etc.
Then, you will be brought to the tutorial, that is quite helpful to show you anything to do in the game

In this game, you will freely build a town with resources build off each other, with each having an importance based upon another resource.

In line with this, this game has more than just a resource builder but quests, which you must complete to get more resources to build and grow your city into bigger one
As usual, similar to a city builder, you will need more time to complete and expand your city.

According to every city builder that requires resources, the game is made in cheap or free to download and play on the go
Anyway, this game still has a purchase cosmetic such as basket and large bundle that will allow you to build more town in the game

Graphically, this game has been made in the art style and visual aesthetics which you may see like in the games in similar.

You will also be served with anime inspired art style which is interesting and gorgeous to look and play with.

You may experience a great splash of colors, a large palette simulating the retina display.
Besides, the variation of colors will be working together to give this game a different look

This game also tries to deliver an anime inspired city builder that can properly stand on its own.
On the other side, if you play and enjoy any city building games which come along with the resource system, city building and neat quests, you may have to try this game on your phone to experience it for more



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