Review of Escape from LaVille 2 as Puzzle Adventure Game

Playing in puzzle adventure games will quite entertain you as you will always be curious to find out the solution of what is going on by following the story line

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One of new game in puzzle adventure game is Escape from LaVille 2 in which it tries to be mysterious
And, it just comes across as being vague and off-putting.

Here, you will feel that dark enough that gets you to adjust your brightness settings for it.
You will often meet something tricky here as you are wonder to figure out what is going on
This thing is that will lead you to randomly tap everywhere.

Your main objective here is to track down Detective Campbell, previously called in to the earlier Escape from LaVille game in order to solve the case of a mysterious Green Frost virus.
Along the game, you will have to find out the usual hints system or even a way of seeing what items can be picked up or where you can go next.

What makes this game a little bored to play is you will spend much of your time tapping on items and piecing them together, yet never really knowing why.
Also, short moments of text will explain things in glance, and they seem to be unclear enough anyhow.

In addition, you will be able to complete Escape from LaVille 2, but you will never really be gripped along the way, and it is just coming off as a bit irritating though.


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