Review of Epic of Kings

Epic of Kings is a title which seems to offer rpg with hack and slash game which is dedicated to the ios users
And, it takes a little time to complete and quite monotonous to play through it on the go.

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In this game, you will merely control your hero and send him into battle against waves of lethal creatures

Along the game, your hero will be on a simple mission on his adventure and challenge to traverse the various epic landscapes of the mythological world of Khunirath finding and battling against waves of creatures for victory and glory.

Here, this game is not gripping and you will focus on hacking and slashing the incoming enemies.
This game can be said as a linear experience, where you cannot deviate from each level’s structure.

Besides, you will simply tap on a glowing circle to move forward
Sometimes, you may occasionally stop to open treasure chests, while performing a few quick time events to unlock them which will level up your experience.

Similar to any game in the same genre, this game has delivered the most interesting in its fighting, where you can experience by yourself to swipe your sword and to land a blow while dodging and blocking the enemies attack to survive during in your mission.
Later on, you will be brought to accomplish 20 levels in which each are quick to complete

Extremely, this game, Epic of Kings has descent look pretty at times, and promised a gripping storyline with a deep combat system
This game seemed to try to engage on anything more than a surface level.
Anyway, if you like playing rpg game on the go you may have to play this game on your phone


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