Review of Epic Arena by Travian Games

Epic Arena from Travian Games GmbH is categorized into a multiplayer turn-based strategy game on a hexagonal board built in the card design

epic arena basic gameplay tutorial iphone android

In this game, you will take turns to place different units on the hexagonal board players, from randomly generated hand, to the battlefield
Then, you will lead them to eliminate units of the rival team or destroy their team artifact to win.
All you will need in this game is to move, attack, heal, defend, cast spells and use booster weapon cards in which any action you will do takes Action Points.
Every 5 per turn, you will need to employ strategies to make the best of them.

On the other side, this game provides you optional tutorial to cover the basics.
At this point, you are able to choose your own path towards single-player missions or multiplayer competitions.
Playing this game will come to two opposing side features which are Legion of Chaos and Brotherhood of Order
In line with this, each of them comes with unique battle units and combat style in the solo campaign.
Meanwhile, all in-game classes will be generic, form archer, mage, assassin, warrior to other familiar units that contribute to the team with their own special abilities.

When dealing with The Lord of Chaos, he can take on multiply nearby units at once.
And, The Alchemist’s trick is to throw chemical bombs that can take out enemies over barriers and it can even devastate them in a quick time.
Also, the Cyclops are able deliver damage to up to 3 units with a single hit as long as they are in a line.
All characters you meet in this game has various skills.
To get the best strategy of your own, you can try combining with the synergy of units, the special boost tiles on the board and different supportive cards.

During in the missions, you can take part in the solo missions which are mostly scenario-based, in that you have to solve a half-played board instead of fighting a complete battle.
At this phase, you can ambush your enemies with archers only
Or you can perform a night assault where you send monk and alchemists to take out the enemy vanguards without telling others.
As you know, these missions are brief and training ground where you get to know each unit or a couple of them separately.

Besides solo mission, you will be able to try to take part in the multiplayer multiplayer modes, which are the asynchronous unranked, untimed Duel and synchronous ranked, timed Blitz.
According to this, the former will allow you to play at leisure but it leaves out the even matchmaking
Meanwhile, the latter is on a flat playground but it prompts you to concentrate on the 10-minute matchups.

In addition, this game is a free title with IAP but it optionally asks you to purchase crystals, the main currency of this game in iap. The IAP itself will provide you booster packs, cards and gems that will help you in completing the multiplayer matchups.


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