Review of Entwined Challenge by PlayStation Mobile

Sony Computer Entertainment has come to ios and android with the newest game, Entwined Challenge, in it serves as a smaller chunk of one of their full titles, and featured content unlock tie-ins to the console and Vita versions.

entwined challenge walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will control two different characters, and you will be brought to game’s Challenge mode into an endless runner along with high scores as your main goal.

Playing this game is pretty simple as you will simply control two different characters through a tube, as well as dragging up and down on each side of the screen to move the blue and orange characters along their half of the tube.
At this point, all you will have to do is to move the correct character through their color of target without hitting three Three strikes or the game is over if you do so.

On the other words, you will simply move the blue one through a static target, and the orange one not needing to go through anything.
Later on, the moving targets will come up, where you have to move a character through the targets to keep them without getting a strike.

Throughout the game, you will go through 5 different levels as difficulty modes, in which if hitting a certain score threshold will unlock the next level.
It seems to be easy if you play it a bit and get the double moving targets down to tear through things.

Moreover, you can also take your friend with you to play this game online.
In line with this, Facebook will give options for competing with friends and cross-platform support for leaderboards.

Anyway, this game is interesting enough of a challenge made with the innately-difficult concept of controlling two characters at once feel accommodating.


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