Review of Eggmaster Produce More Eggs for Gems

Chillingo has a fresh game, Eggmaster where all you will do is simply to tap the chicken to lay eggs
Your main goal here is to tap as fast as you can so that your chicken will lay more eggs.

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With more eggs that the chicken lays, you will be rewarded with gems as reward
Here, you will be assigned to complete hundreds of missions and tons of new daily quests to scale up your egg empire
In the mean time, always watch out for egg tycoons as they will steal your eggs.

On the other words, your eventual aim here is to be the most powerful egg tycoon out there.
You merely tap your chicken to lay eggs.
Besides tapping, a gradual trickle of them will come through by simply sitting and watching as well.
You can also increase and improve the quantity off the eggs that you can do by upgrading various things such as the corn you use, or even magic potions and chocolate.

Later on, if the eggs start to pile up, you should make a protection by defending the eggs and attacking the enemies trying to steal the eggs
Also, you can steal the eggs from your rivals using stormy weather, cunning foxes and more to hinder their egg production.

On the other side, this game offers a series of constant and daily quests, encouraging you to work towards the next upgrade.
As stated before, ass that entails here is more furious tapping, where you will find yourself wanting to get to the next upgrade.

And, yet your quest to reach the top of the leaderboard where there is a ranking system that is always too keen to tell you how you are faring compared to your friends in this game.

Moreover, there are ways of messing around with your rivals where you can attack them, while trying to steal their eggs or halve their egg production, that make this game fun to play for more.

In addition, you will also enjoy this game as the chickens are made in cute ones and the graphic is well enough to look at.


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