Review of Edge of Oblivion Alpha Squadron 2 iPhone

Edge Of Oblivion: Alpha Squadron 2 from Martian Monkey will take you to be as a pilot and sit in the cockpit of a powerful starfighter then face off against the evil Hadian Empire.

edge of oblivion alpha squadron 2 walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will get involved in some battles against wave of enemy fighters, lumbering mechs, gigantic tanks and big capital ships.

You will take part in the gun battle, such as in snow, deserts, highlands, oceans, volcanic lava fields, alien cities, amazing deep space locations and even the interior of a massive space station.

During in your mission, always stay alert of space mines and asteroids since you will fight your way to victory in each of the eight starfighters, bombers and assault craft at your command.

In this game, you can select some campaigns, such as training exercises, a dog fight mode, and survival. Once selecting it, you will then be brought to enter the cockpit, and it control your ship as your own style

It will take a moment to control your ship such as how to pit, yaw, accelerate, brake, and fire, as it uses the gyroscope for motion and on-screen buttons for movement and attacks, on the left and right sides of the screen respectively.

To get better angle, you can choose the cockpit or third-person view, so that you will see more of the action.

Sometimes, you will see a giant star cruiser in the distance, and they seem to have different weapons and strengths.
During the game, you can opt to pause the game, in which you can locate fun little side objectives that enhance the experience a bit.

After going through some levels in this game, you will need extra weapons to use in missions for a few bucks in iaps.

As starting step, you can get a fighter called the F22 Interceptor, in which it is a permanent unlock for $1.99 only


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