Review of Earthcore Shattered Elements

Tequila Games has presented a new game, based around cards wrapped in Earthcore: Shattered Elements Epic Card Battle Game TCG where you will find an enjoyable and accessible card battler with nice graphics.

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In this game, every player will take turns placing one elemental card in one of three columns
Water beats fire
Fire beats earth
Earth beats water
If you get all the columns filled full, the round is over and battle commences, with elements automatically beating their respective opposites or canceling each other out if they match.

Here, every card has an associated risk that equates to damage which you will take if that card is beaten in each stage.

Anyway, this game is delivered in more interesting and strategic card game than the individual card skills out there.

With these skills, you can do all sorts of interesting things, where you will see a card to jump to an empty column to copying a different card in full.
At this point, the best skills are often tied to cards with a higher risk, so there will be a bit of a trade-off when doing so.

Sometimes, you will often see that the voice-acted tips are lack of a better word, corny and stating the obnoxiously obvious.
Anyway, this will usually make slogging through the early stages even more of a slog.

You will also find that the second player is not being allowed to place a card opposite the first card placed on the first turn.

In addition, playing this game will be an enjoyable one.
If you are curious of what has been stated here, you can install and play this game on your phone.


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