Review of Dwelp as A Simple Puzzle Game by Alex Blaj

Dwelp comes with the simplicity that makes this game so enticing
It is a kind of an elegant little puzzler with a brand new game mechanic.

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Here, you will have the main objective that is to complete a puzzle, by simply linking all of the same-colored dots by placing them one near another.

Next, after you have successfully connected two dots, the others of the same color will be locked in their place.
At this point, linking colored dots together should not be so appealing.

Anyways, this game provides stylishly minimalistic puzzle games that will grab your attention to keep playing it.

Later on, you will encounter simple level with one screen puzzle where you must link all of the same-colored dots by placing them next to each other.
Then, if you can create a T-shape of dots, you must have an empty space of the same size to slot them down again.
At this phase, this is where things get trickier, because you will be restricted to a fairly small board.
For further moves, you will deal with multiple colors, that will make this game even harder.

On the other side, every puzzle in this game offers multiple solutions
But, you can find the one requiring the fewest number of moves in order to glean the most benefits that will come to a bunch of special puzzles that will test your skills even more so.

And, if you get stuck on a puzzle, all you will have to do is to move on to another one
However, doing so will not solve it through anything other than your own logic skills.
It is caused by, you will always keep chipping away at levels and trying new ideas to solve them.

In conclusion, this game is easy to play even getting you to solve the puzzle.
Once playing it, it will be enticing you into beating each puzzle from one to another.


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