Review of DUO! as Simple Physics Brain Teaser Game

Playing in DUO! will bring you to take a journey through multiple worlds and to explore new challenges and solve mind stimulating puzzles as well.

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To go through each level in this game, you have to stay concentrated and remember each move you make.
If everything goes well, you will go to new levels packed with wild cards, bonuses and more stuff.
Cards in this game will be shuffled, blown up and frozen.
Also, you will unlock boosters that will help you along the way.

Along the game, you will be playing Pairs as usual where you can match up corresponding numbers and go to the next stage.

When playing this game, you are only given a set number of moves.
In the first start, this game will be easy to solve but the challenge emerges to be hard enough.

Later on, you will be prompted to match up a number of pairs but with only a few moves at your disposal.
You will really need to manage your strategy, such as stages where cards are underneath other cards often requiring a little more thought than the easier, earlier stages.

Besides, this game also comes along with a lives system, it means that you have to wait for the bar to recharge in order to take another turn or pay for an in-app purchase.

In line with this, you can get free lives in a spinning wheel.
On the other side, you can also purchase some power-ups that will make things noticeably easier.

Entirely, plying this game is a fairly enjoyable where you will be challenged to solve the puzzle when matching pairs

Pairs here is simple but this title manages to mix things up sufficiently.
Moreover, you will work your way through the various stages, while watching as things which will get more challenging.


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