Review of Duckie Deck Card Wars

Duckie Deck Card Wars, a digital card game is specifically designed for young kids to match value to numbers and test their mathematical and deductive reasoning skills, while learning the basic rules for most card games.

duckie deck card wars basic tutorial ios android

In this game, you simply flip a card from each player’s pile, and decide which one wins the hand by displaying the high card in the draw-style game of chance.
On the other words, you will tap your card, which will in turn move these cards center screen and flip over.
You will then look at each other’s cards, as well as deciding who has the highest hand, and drag both cards to the winning side of the iPad.

In related to the cards, they are specifically made in playful court characters with varied hobbies, as well as complimentary objects to help with counting.
At this point, this game includes two colors and four sets which are pretty much universal to all decks of playing cards.
Moreover, some cards are made in full color and include objects such as three football helmets, six green apples, ten musical notes, a queen who plays ping pong, or a king who is a DJ complete with records and a headset.

Graphically, this game has been made with colorful and dynamic elements along with fun sound effects.
The soundtrack is included with a vaguely period tone in keeping with this warring kings-and-queens theme.
Also, mild shadowing is used to make the effect of cards placed on top of the screen for a realistic-looking effect for any one who play it.

During the game, your kids will have fun while learning and developing their motor skills and coordination.
It is also designed to be safe and to protect kids.

When playing with this matching cards, a high stakes part of the game where four cards in which three face down and one face up are added to the pile.

Entirely, Duckie Deck Card Wars is a wonderful game that can be played with your kids.
Playing this game emerges a true cooperative play in that it can be enjoyed by preschool-aged and older children as a way to pass time or as a family activity.


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