Review of Duckie Deck Bird Houses as Helpful Craft Media

Duckie Deck Bird Houses is specifically designed for toddlers and preschool-aged children, where they will be able to explore this helpful craft.

duckie deck bird houses basic tutorial for iphone android

This game has great concept where you can see the look of all of the tree selections as they are various shades of brown and grey that will make wonderful representations of real trees that most people have come across

Also, this comes along with distinguishing features such as maple leaves, apples, or acorns which are very nice choices that will jog the memories that children have of trees from their adventures in nature.
This is also added with the well-crafted background music.

to play this game, you will select a tree first, then you are given a choice in basic birdhouse shape as well as a chance to choose from some very interesting colorful textures for the body and roof of the birdhouse that replicate objects such as rustic wood choices, distressed cardboard, faded blue denim, red and white checked material, classic lined notebook paper, or a red brick pattern.

Once you make a selection, you can use paint to add some bright details of your selection.
You will also add sheer colors to your birdhouses and you can use a sponge to remove any painting errors with the use of water-base paint.

Later on, you can decorate your house with a wide variety of fun, such as flowers, a bell, chimney, or telescope that you can put in.
Then, you can watch as the completed house becomes occupied by the pink bird walked users through each of these steps.

In conclusion, Duckie Deck Bird Houses will always get you to choose all the elements of your birdhouse, by carefully scrolling through each of your trees, template, texture paint, and ornament choices to build just the right home.
Moreover, your children will be happy to build their own functioning birdhouses as well.


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