Review of Duck Roll

In a glance, Duck Roll may be a game about rolling a duck around the maze.
Anyway, it is all about a block sliding puzzle with a twist

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There is a neat retro aesthetic bubbling over everything
This game also comes along with a simple set of controls to roll this duck around its tiny mazes.

To control the duck, you will merely swipe up, left, right or down so that the duck will move one square in that direction.

When performing your action, every level will give you a set number of moves to get the challenge accomplished for a gold star

Early on the level, it starts easy but after a while some blocks may push around, and it switches to push in which you may have to unlock the next level at the end of each level.

On the other side, this game has an extra mechanic idea where you can get new skins for the character
Graphically, this game has a nice and chunky graphics fit to the mobile screen
Sometimes, you may be bored because of staring at the same duck and the same few backgrounds over and over again.

Besides, this game lacks a kind of extra bit of spice sprinkling of extra flavor which will be a key to get your customer addicted all the time
Anyway, a fan of block pushing puzzle games should have this one played on their device


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