Review of Dub Dash as An Action Music Game

Headup Games has come to the apple store along with their newest game called Dub Dash, a fast-paced rhythm based action game.

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Here, the tracks in the game will be decomposed into diverging game mode segments.
You will also deal with the obstacles, tracks and visual effects adjusted to the music
All of them create something in perfect harmony with each song.

Along with it, this game offers a great soundtrack taken from Bossfight and the DJs of Geometry Dash
Throughout the game, you will be brought to spin your crazy wheel in harmony with the song while trying to dodge left and right to avoid obstacles at high speed.

To experience the game, you will merely tap out complex note or beat patterns difficult while on the go, which will nicely be listened headphones

When listening to the song, you will be served a nicely lighting neon of rhythm awesomeness.
To play the game, you will simply control some sort of vehicle to roll and fly through one of the eight game levels
Each level is set to drum-n-bass style electronic music.

At this point, you will have to tap to avoid spikes and walls in a little mini-game.
Anyway, if you make any tiny mistake and hit a spike, the level ends, then you will have to restart it from the start.
With such mechanics, it will make this game pretty brilliantly to play

On the other side, the demanding difficulty and instant restart feature are the ones that make this game come to a great mobile rhythm game.

Plus, this game has offered everything in much compelling feeling as each level gives unique challenge and instantly replayable one.

Besides, you will also be challenged to complete levels, where you must master to learn your fingers to dance on the screen, while listening and following the of rhythm goes.


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