Review of dreeps Alarm Playing Game

Dreeps seems to be regarded as a role-playing game in which all you will have to do is simply to set the alarm then the game literally plays itself while you go on about your day.

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This game will introduce a little robot boy that walks through various settings during your waking hours.
While you are doing your daily activities such as working, jogging, and eating sandwiches, your robot is going to the woods, fighting monsters, talking to the people he meets, and gaining experience points.

On the other words, by playing this game, you simply have a look at the adventure on the phone put on you desk while working, during snack time, and enjoy the game at your leisure.

Once waking up with dreeps, your adventure will automatically continue as long as your robot boy has enough HP.

In this game, you can imagine your own version of the story with the ability to enjoy a story a little by little everyday.

Also, you can share some screenshots and you ideas concerning with this game by pressing the « share » button.

Sometimes, your robot boy runs out of stamina.
In line with this, you simply put him to bed before you tuck in for the night.
Then you both wake up with the game’s alarm.
On the other side, you will also resume your desk job, and robot boy resumes fighting and traveling.

This game will provide you small moments of interactivity, such as setting your alarm or tapping the robot boy to get him back into action after having a tough fight.

In related to this game, the robot boy is really adorable in that he walks through the world populated by robots and techno-vermin.
He also travels through ruins, woods, and dragon-shaped buildings.

In conclusion, this game, dreeps is the world’s most charming digital alarm clock along with this little robot boy’s life.


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